Installation Info

Bette has developed its own installation system you can use to install your bathroom furniture securely and ideally into the building shell. The products are explained in detail below.

BetteInstalation System Universal

The system for every occasion. Installation of any shower area and extra- and ultra-flat Bette shower trays – with just one installation system.

BetteSealing set for wooden floors

Wooden floors can be an obstacle for installing flush-to-floor showers, especially when renovating older buildings. The Bette sealant system for wooden floors allows you to create the critical long-term, secure, leak-proof seal you need between the shower and the floor.

BetteUpstand – Installation without silicone

There are non-visible risks in using highly elastic maintenance joints made from silicone. In addition to mildew building, water can get into the walls through cracks. BetteZarge gives you an option for installing baths and shower trays without silicone. Secure and easy to clean long term.


Bath drain and overflow are combined in one element. Hidden beneath the base of the bath, the electric fitting is truly aesthetic. The lack of a visible overflow means that nothing detracts from the beauty of the bath design, particularly in the case of free-standing baths. The specially designed electric controls with integrated pressure sensor opens the drain as soon as the water has risen beyond a certain level.

Tiling aid

Easy tiling of fitted baths with no laborious underpinning. The factory prefabricated built-in parts are placed in front of the bath and the position permanently set using the adjustable legs. The fitted bath can then be tiled as normal.

Minimum support

The pre-attached shower tray/Minimum Support combination can be simply glued to the screed or wooden floor using a standard installation adhesive, foam or silicone. As well as saving time it provides excellent sound insulation.